Tanner Foust truly needs no introduction as we all know him from his various TV appearances including Top Gear USA, Hot Wheel stunts and on the podium at various drifting and rallycross events around the world. 

Sam reports on rumors of a new Subaru WRX STI and the newly announced Lexus IS 500 F Sport. James drove the 4Runner Trail Version around Hollywood and Taro Koki promotes a crowd-funding project for the famous Ebisu drift circuit in Fukushima Japan which was heavily damaged by the 7+ magnitude earthquake just last week on February 25th. 

Visit http://www.gtchannel.com for car videos!

Two kids from San Diego, Matt Martelli and his brother Josh, who got into skating and off road racing, founded Mad Media. They were there when X Games decided to include rally racing. Mad Media also produced the first three Gymkhana videos with motorsport marketing genius Ken Block. Then they bought the most famous desert race in America, the Mint 400 because they didn't like how the old guys were running it. Mad Media also owns OffRoadRacer.com and UTVUnderground.com. 

We've heard rumors of a R36 Nissan GT-R but not so fast. Sam Mitani reports that before an all new model GT-R, there could be a Final Edition R35 GT-R according our Ninja Otakus in Japan. 

James Mckeone reports on the VW Atlas and McLaren Artura. 

Taro reports on more flying cars that are trending on the internet these day. Article here on GTChannel.  

The Podspeed cast is joined by guest Roger Yasukawa former Indy car racer who was second to future series champion Dan Wheldon in the rookie-of-the-year competition in 2003. After retiring from racing, Roger spotted for Takuma Sato's first win at the Indy 500 and now manages Alex Palou's Indy racing career. 

Sam Mitani reports on rumors of a Toyota Corolla GRMN and a Lexus LC F in the works according to his ninja otakus in Japan. James reports on the Mazda6 and Taro introduces a new video from GTChannel that features a reimagined Spoon Sports EK9 Civic Type R. 

The Podspeed team start by reporting on the cars which were released for the Tokyo Auto Salon. Then joined by Jim Liaw, president & co-founder of the professional drifting series Formula Drift. Jim talked about the challenges and accomplishments of the 2020 season which incredibly happened under the Covid pandemic. Drift machines, now and then and their new 2021 schedule which was just announced a few days ago. 

In order to create an authentic enthusiast car movie, Universal hired Craig Lieberman for the first two Fast & Furious pictures, The Fast and the Furious and 2Fast2Furious. Craig shares with the Podspeed team on how he was hired for the ride of his life, meeting Paul Walker, Vin Diesel and the cast and behind the scenes stories on vehicle selection. Craig has been a consultant and marketing head for numerous automotive brands and currently runs a YouTube channel dedicated to the cars of the Fast & Furious franchise. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNlI4oCO9ue81NZbsdohNFg

Sam reports on renderings of a new Honda/Acura NSX and a $3M new EV performance car coming out of Japan. James reviews the the Singer 911 off-road racer that broke the internet this week and Taro reports on a 11-year old Japanese drift phenom. Don't miss the first Podspeed episode of 2021!

Arisa Mizuhara is a Cusco works driver that competes in both drifting and rallying in Japan. She recently blew up with her video of the 800+HP Toyota GR Yaris drift car on GTChannel. She did not grow up in motorsports but discovered drifting when her brother showed her Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift. Since then she got hooked, bought a car and started on her journey of becoming a professional drift driver. 
As it's the last Podspeed episode of the year, we will also list our favorite moments and cars we talked about this year. Podspeed is hosted by Taro Koki, James McKeone and Sam Mitani.

This man needs no introduction, Matt Farah from The Smoking Tire is our guest! Matt walks us through his new Westside Collector Car Storage facility. Talks about his new Ferrari 328 GTS and Lamborghini Countach. Why he doesn't wrench. On his new series with Rob Ferretti and Tanner Foust, Sorted. He also gave us his frank thoughts on Sam's report about rumors on a new Nissan Silvia (S16). Don't miss this one!

James reports on Formula One as always and Taro introduces two new videos from GTChannel. A video on Daikoku-futo and a Heyman Robbie's episode on Arisa Mizuhara's 900hp GR Yaris drift car. Arisa is our next guest in a few weeks. 

During college Kenji Sumino walked into GReddy USA in the mid 90's and was hired on the spot to join the R&D department. They immediately sent him to Japan to train at HQ in Chiba. Upon returning he has spearheaded the US operations and lead GReddy into an aftermarket powerhouse for the last two decades. Unlike typical Japanese companies, GReddy has collaborated with other parts brands and in recent years embraced social media to expand its presence in the digital world. The FuguZ project with Fast & Furious star Sung Kang was originally born from Instagram. Sung Kang also pops in during our interview with Kenji to discuss the new Nissan Z Proto we have recently covered on Podspeed. 

Sam reports on rumors of a next generation R36 Nissan GT-R. James reviews his ride-of-the-week the 2021 Toyota Rav4. 

Rob Ferretti, aka Superspeedersrob, is the outspoken and very opinionated automotive YouTuber. He definitely did not fail to give us his opinions on the new Z proto and the controversial recent events of the SSC Tuatara reaching 316mph. We also touch on his new show "Sorted" which stars himself, Matt Farrah, Emelia Hartford and Tanner Foust. Don't miss this episode!

Taro reports on the new Z proto he got to see in person, Sam reports on flying cars (yeah, really!) and James updates us on another victory by Lewis Hamilton. What else is new?

Sung Kang, the actor who plays fan favorite Han in Fast & Furious and car enthusiast is our guest. Sung talks about the filming of Tokyo Drift and getting back with the cast for Fast & Furious 9. The various car projects he is working on now from a Safari themed 240Z called DocZ to Porsche 914 restorations. Don't miss this episode. 

Sam reports on the new Nissan Z Prototype and James reports on the Nissan 370Z 50th Anniversary edition he has in his garage this week. 

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